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20 Monthly Templates | Developer Rights | Audio | Whitelabel | Mastermind

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20 Monthly Templates | Developer Rights | Audio | Whitelabel | Mastermind

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With VidioDekPRO...


  • 20 Additional Templates Monthly
  • Developer Rights
  • Access to Additional Background Audios
  • Whitelable Template Rights
  • Live Interactive Mastermind Sessions
  • Access to Recorded Mastermind Trainings
  • Unlimited Video Production Capabilities

Members Club... Special Offer

I’m sure you can’t wait to get your hands on VidioDek and start playing with this awesome software & create stunning videos with just a few clicks…

Yes, VidioDek certainly is an awesome application…

Push-button Income Generating, Traffic Sucking, Google Dominating videos in seconds… You really won’t believe your eyes the first time you see our cloud based app in action.

But we’re taking things 1 Step further…

We’re Going to Train YOU to be Successful.

Actually… we’re going to do way more than that as you will see on this page… But let’s start with the training.

1) Live Interactive Mastermind Sessions

Owning the latest and greatest marketing tool on the planet is a step in the right direction… but only when you actually use it.

VidioDek is an exceptionally powerful app… a simple 1. 2. 3. Click solution for all marketers regardless of experience.

The combination of 1 click automation, WP Auto-Sync, YouTube Auto-Upload and CurationDek makes VidioDek the most powerful and yet easiest video marketing tool on the market.

We've gone overboard with the development of our Dek system… and we want YOU to get everything you deserve from it…

VidioDek Members Club Mastermind Attendees get a whole lot more than standard users… stacks and stacks more… But the ONE thing you should consider right now… Is how our training will help You Succeed

How we'll Help YOU... LOOK:

  • You’ll be invited onto our live training calls… Live mastermind (Pitch Free) interactive training.
  • We’ll address your questions on an ongoing basis
  • We’ll show you how to get the very best out of VidioDek
  • We’ll show you how to use VidioDek to drive your business and income forward.
  • You’ll get training in additional online income generating methods that Mark & Lee have use to systematically make hundreds of thousands every year from their online businesses
  • You’ll also get the recorded versions of each and every training call just incase you miss it, or just don’t want to take part…

Of course… Your standard VidioDek package comes complete with Software ‘How To’ videos… But the training you get as a PRO User equates to what many consider to be 'live coaching'… Only without the cost!

But don't decide yet... See what else we're adding...

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2) Templates... Templates... & More Templates MONTHLY

VidioDek comes fully loaded with a selection of professional templates you can use immediately. But we knew that plenty of you would want to go one step further and make your videos really stand out…

So when you sign up Today… you’ll find 15 additional templates in your account… and we’ll keep adding 20 month in, month out minimum for the first 12 months.

… And Yes: each and every template is custom designed to work with VidioDek.. They’re even text & Font formatted so there’s nothing you need to do other than 1 click – pick a template.

3) Unlimited Video Production Capabilities (1,000,000 Limit)

No restrictions (well ok we're restricting it to 1 million videos)… pump out video after video in minutes… why not saturate niche after niche for the compound effect… You’ll be driving traffic for all kinds of phrases in hours. Remember; each video is just 3 clicks away...

4) Background Audio Selection…


Videos are engaging… we know that. Video works – Video with narration and audio works even better. Which is why we've added additional audio you can use license free in your VidioDek videos… And we’ll continue to add them every month…

5) Developer Rights...

  • With our developers rights you really can start making money today…
  • Pro users get developers rights – and that opens up untold opportunities.
  • Produce videos in seconds for online businesses
  • Produce videos for Niche websites
  • Produce videos for Bloggers
  • Produce videos for offline businesses
  • Run Fiverr Gigs offering text to video

Along with Developers rights you also get Whitelable to our temple collection so you can use them in any videos you sell to a third party.

Here's what you get Today... When you upgrade to VidioDek Members Club

  • 20 Additional Pro templates added every month ($27p/m)

  • Monthly LIVE Interactive Mastermind Calls ($597)

  • Unlimited video production ($297)

  • New License Free Background Audios Every Month ($27p/m)

  • Developers rights: Sell VidioDek videos to clients or as a service ($197)

  • Whitelabel: Templates & Audio - use in videos you sell or produce for others ($97)

Additional Value...

To recap: You’re getting $1,242 worth of additional value MONTHLY with our Members Club.

Lucky for you, we won’t ask for that much

I hope you can agree these extra features really complement the product and take it to another level. The training alone is enough to drive your business and income forward...

This is a one-time opportunity, don’t let it slip past you; jump on board and upgrade today!

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Please Note: This is a monthly subscription which you may cancel at any point. New training, templates and audio will be added to your account every month for at least the first 12 months. If you chose to cancel at any time in the future all previous months additions will still be accessible.

... Or, Save $307 Per Year

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Grab our one year deal and you’ll still get everything you see on this page… but you’ll save $307. You pay just once (No Monthly Recurring)…. Available for the next four hours

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